One of the firsts things that comes to mind when someone says Canada, is its icy, fierce winters. So, if you're new in Canada for education or work, you've got to be prepared. Canada’s winters can last months, with peak winter staying below freezing for weeks! 

Below are a few quick tips to help you stay warm: 

  • Know your city:
    Canada is the world's second largest country by area. The west coast of Canada is generally warmer than the rest of the country. Mid-region cities such as Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Calgary, and Winnipeg may endure exceptionally cold winters in patches depending on the season, location, and wind conditions.
  • Dress in Layers 
    Layering is a must! Starting with thermals or long inner wear, then regular clothing, a preferred sweater/jumper/hoodie, a well-insulated jacket, muffler/scarf, toque, gloves, and snow boots. Layering is your best bet to stay comfortable in extremely cold cities like Toronto and Montreal during winters. If you plan on being outdoors when it snows, you should consider investing in good snow resistant trousers and snow boots. Make sure they're rated for low temperatures and waterproof. Layers are especially an advantage if you step out of the cold outdoors into an indoor setting with the heating on.
  • Mandatory weather checks before stepping out 
    Because the weather in Canada is uncertain, it is essential that you always check the weather forecast before leaving the house. Check both the "Real" and "Feels like" temperatures. This can help you dress appropriately and determine whether you need to take an additional layer with you. Also, an umbrella comes handy very often during inclement weather.
  • Consider your dietary habits 
    Maintain a healthy carbohydrate-to-protein ratio and exercise to keep your body warm and fit. Don't forget to get sufficient sleep! The most essential thing to remember throughout the Canadian winter is to have fun! As the seasons change, so do the activities that are available. Ice skating and skiing are activities you may not have tried before; give it a try. Make a snowman, see ice sculptures, go to public parks and watch people skate on frozen lakes. Rain, snow or sunshine, the fun doesn't stop here if you're game!
  • Stay Protected
    Wear sunscreen, sunglasses, and lip balm on a sunny day to protect your skin from UV radiation. Keep your skin hydrated to avoid windburn. Use moisturising creams and a humidifier when you're at home.

Winters may seem difficult to the first timer in Canada, but it can also be an opportunity to explore, and learn something new, and quite a lot of fun!