When you attend an interview, your aim is to impress the recruiter and obtain a job offer. You're under pressure to produce a positive, long-lasting impression in a short period. Here are a few tips to help you land your dream job in Canada.

1. Demonstrate your abilities with examples

Gather instances of occasions when you demonstrated your innovative problem-solving abilities or your capacity to learn, and be prepared to provide results-driven responses to any behavioural interview questions. In order to display your enthusiasm to learn, ask questions that show your curiosity.

2. Be confident 

Keep in mind that you were invited to this interview. You've already completed the first — and likely the hardest — step, which is getting an interview.  The more self-assurance you show, the better impression you'll make on an employer. Get a full night's sleep before your interview.  Dress appropriately. This will boost your confidence and allow you to walk in oozing with self confidence.

3. Know the organization 

Arrive as prepared as possible. Spend time reading up about the organization and the position you applied for using a pre-interview research checklist. Read the firm's website, LinkedIn page, and social media profiles, and keep up to date on the latest company and industry news. With this information, you may confidently respond to questions such as "Why do you want to work here?" and "What about this position appeals to you?" An interviewer wants to know that you are really interested in the position and have taken the effort to demonstrate it.

4. Stand out from the crowd

Companies nowadays get hundreds of job applications, so it's crucial to stand out from the crowd if you get an interview. First, make an effort to connect with your interviewer. Do you share any interests? It might be where you went to school, a unique career experience, or a shared passion. You don't want to spend your whole interview talking about it, but creating this link can help you stand out. Second, consider promoting a unique ability or past employment experience in the interview. This is something that can help you flourish in your work that other candidates may not have. Even if it was a fun side hobby or a passion project, the information might help you stand out in a good way.

5. Rehearse. Rehearse. Rehearse.

It's time to practice now that you're well-prepared. The more you prepare and rehearse for your interview, the more confident you'll feel and the greater your chances of making a good impression and receiving an offer. Some of the best orators and CEOs of the world practice their speeches in front of a mirror or with the computer's camera on.

All the best with your next interview!