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Day trip ideas - BC
Day trip ideas - BC

Share your favourite spots, and must-do list within a few hours' drive from the Greater Vancouver Area.

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Friendships. Memories. Celebrations. Fun.
Galiano Island has white sand beaches and beautiful turquoise waters. There are also sandstone caves on Galiano Island which are a must-see before the summer is up. It is super easy to get to Galiano Island from Vancouver with it... (More)
Rainforest Figure Eight Trail, located in Pacific Rim National Park, will take your breath away with its magical jungle forest. The whole hike is an easy 3.2-kilometre loop trail โ€” so no prior hiking experience is necessary. You can bring... (More)
Hornby Island is like the Hawaii of Canada. The beaches and water all look super tropical and it's the perfect beach getaway spot. The island is roughly 4 hours and 44 minutes from Vancouver, using BC Ferries routes.
Friendships. Memories. Celebrations. Fun.
Best Places to View Cherry Blossoms in Vancouver... (More)