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Making an impact
Making an impact

At MyCanadianLife, we believe in spearheading initiatives that make measurable, lasting impact for people in Canada through the power of the multicultural community living here.

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Celebrating Life in Canada

We come to Canada for a better life and opportunities.ย 

At MyCanadianLife we create new and fun ways to celebrate and socialize the moments that matter in our lives.

Here you can safely make new friends, share your experiences, memorable moments, celebrations, opinions, as we bring you fun contests, free giveaways, savings, and much more.ย 

Share your fun moments, connect with the community, win rewards!

Friendships. Memories. Celebrations. Fun.
"Always try to be modest and listen to people."

What's yours? Comment down below :)
Friendships. Memories. Celebrations. Fun.

Has a stranger in Canada helped you or someone you know? Click on the 'Reply' button below and share your experience/story.


Friendships. Memories. Celebrations. Fun.

We pledge to donate a dollar for every like and share that this post generates, before December 15, 2022, up to a maximum of $200, to Food Banks Canada. Like & Share this post!

More than a third of food bank users in Canada are children.

While providing food to children in need is important, itโ€™s not a permanent solution. Real change can only come through action in other areas. Which is why Food... (More)