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Here are fun ways to win Gift Points, which can be redeemed for Gift Cards of cash value in Canadian Dollars

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Celebrating Life in Canada

We come to Canada for a better life and opportunities. 

At MyCanadianLife we create new and fun ways to celebrate and socialize the moments that matter in our lives.

Here you can safely make new friends, share your experiences, memorable moments, celebrations, opinions, as we bring you fun contests, free giveaways, savings, and much more. 

Share your fun moments, connect with the community, win rewards!

Friendships. Memories. Celebrations. Fun.

Happy Nowruz! We want to celebrate this joyous occasion with our amazing community by giving away a $10 gift card!

Let us know how you're celebrating Nowruz this year.

Click 'Reply' below and post a photo or video of your Nowruz festivities. Don't forget to tell us a little bit about your traditions and what this holiday means to you!... (More)

Friendships. Memories. Celebrations. Fun.

Happy Holi to you all! Share a fun moment or a favourite song you love to dance to during Holi, for a chance to win $10 Gift Card.

"Bura mat mano, Holi hai!" How are you celebrating the Festival of Colours?!

Click "Reply" below and share with us a fun moment, a happy memory, or a favourite song, for a chance to win $10 Gift Card. No purchase... (More)

Friendships. Memories. Celebrations. Fun.

Happy International Women's Day! Who are the female role models around you? Share inspiring stories about the real-life superwomen you know, for a chance to win a $15 gift card!

March 8 is International Women's Day. It’s an annual global celebration that recognizes and celebrates the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women.

Who are the women role models in your lives? Click "Reply" below and share their inspiring... (More)

Friendships. Memories. Celebrations. Fun.

What's your favourite winter sport? What do your kids love doing in the winter? Enter for a chance to W!N a $10 gift card.

Canada's unique location, climate and cultural history have made snow and ice sports an integral part of Canadian life. Nothing stops people in Canada from having fun even during the coldest months.

What is your favourite winter sport in Canada?... (More)