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$$$ Savings Tips
$$$ Savings Tips

We're living in unprecedented times of raising prices, supply shortages, increasing interest rates, political, economic, and social upheavals, which are challenging our ability to save and live the lives we dream about. Which is why we created this topic for discussion, savings tips, and community sharing.

Please tag this topic as you share your experiences and tips on ways to save so that we all prosper as a community.

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Celebrating Life in Canada

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Here you can safely make new friends, share your experiences, memorable moments, celebrations, opinions, as we bring you fun contests, free giveaways, savings, and much more. 

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Grocery store savings tips for newcomers in Canada:

Here are a few tips that may help during the current inflation:

  1. Make a list of items you need to buy. Google Keep's 'New List' feature helps tick off items you've bought and retain the list for recurring purchases.
  2. Look... (More)
Investment tips!!

Register Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) shelters your investment from tax until you withdraw your money from the RRSP tax shelter.
Petro‑Canada locations offer two gas savings cards: 5¢ savings card or 10¢ savings card. Each card provides the savings off every litre of fuel for a total of 200 litres.

Details here:
I always fill up at Esso. With my PC Optimum card, I can redeem 4,000 points for 10¢ off per litre. (