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Useful Tips
Useful Tips

Share your knowledge and expertise to help the community learn from your experiences...

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Celebrating Life in Canada

We come to Canada for a better life and opportunities. 

At MyCanadianLife we create new and fun ways to celebrate and socialize the moments that matter in our lives.

Here you can safely make new friends, share your experiences, memorable moments, celebrations, opinions, as we bring you fun contests, free giveaways, savings, and much more. 

Share your fun moments, connect with the community, win rewards!

Friendships. Memories. Celebrations. Fun.

First winter in Canada? Here are a few tips to warm it up this winter:

One of the firsts things that comes to mind when someone says Canada, is its icy, fierce winters. So, if you're new in Canada for education or work, you've got to be prepared. Canada’s winters can last months, with peak... (More)

Friendships. Memories. Celebrations. Fun.

Winter is here! Have you changed to winter tires yet?

Winter tires are crucial to keeping you and your loved ones safe on the roads through the infamous Canadian winters. All-season tires stiffen up when the temperatures drop, creating less traction and make braking more difficult.

Winter tires, on the... (More)

Friendships. Memories. Celebrations. Fun.

Grocery store savings tips for newcomers in Canada:

Here are a few tips that may help during the current inflation:

  1. Make a list of items you need to buy. Google Keep's 'New List' feature helps tick off items you've bought and retain the list for recurring purchases.
  2. Look... (More)