My Canadian journey - Why and How I became an immigrant entrepreneur.

In 2018, my Canadian dream began as I moved here with my husband after years of extensive travel. Despite the uncertainties that lay ahead, we were determined to make a fresh start in this beautiful country. Little did we know that our journey would lead us to the fulfillment of a lifelong dream – the birth of Herbal Edge.

Arriving in Canada without jobs, we faced the challenges that come with starting anew in a foreign land. Although things didn't work out as planned, we remained steadfast in our pursuit of settling down and making a mark in our new home. During this time, I found solace in spending quality moments with my 2-year-old daughter, enjoying a much-needed break after years of non-stop work.

As I settled into this new chapter of life, I noticed that the move had taken a toll on my hair and skin. The change in water, coupled with the stress of uncertainty, left my once-lustrous locks and complexion in disarray. Drawing inspiration from my love for traditional beauty practices, I turned to the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda – "The Science of Life" – which advocates for balance in body, mind, and consciousness.

Since my teenage years, I have been creating my own herbal shampoos and body wash powders using ingredients found in the kitchen, believing in their effectiveness and natural goodness. However, I had deviated from these practices, succumbing to peer pressure and resorting to harsh hair colors and commercial shampoos, which had caused my hair to become lifeless and brittle.

Reconnecting with Ayurveda, I felt a deep calling to share the healing benefits of this ancient science with the world. It all began with the revival of a traditional family recipe – Onion Hair Oil. This all-natural elixir worked wonders on my hair, reducing hair loss and restoring its shine and volume. It was a revelation, and I knew I had to spread the goodness far and wide.

With this vision in mind, I founded Herbal Edge, a brand rooted in the principles of Ayurveda and committed to offering honest-to-goodness formulations without any artificial chemicals or preservatives. The Herbal Edge Onion Hair Oil became the star of the show, captivating clients across six countries with its effectiveness and purity. I felt the genuine joy of introducing others to guilt-free hair care.

Driven by my passion for creating products that embody the essence of Ayurvedic healing, I expanded the product line to include a range of Face Packs. Crafted with love and care, these face packs provide a sensorial delight, free from any artificial chemicals or preservatives. In particular, the 'Triphala Face Pack' is a one-of-a-kind product that promises to revitalize and rejuvenate your skin.

I share this with the hope that my journey can inspire you to be bold and re-ignite any passion you have to live the Canadian dream. I'd love to connect with each one of you in this fantastic community of new Canadians. I invite you to visit my website and read the rest of my story =>